About Srinivos  

Mimicry Srinivos is disciple of world renowned Mimic Padmasri Dr. Nerella Venumadhav. He learnt ventriloquism from Prof. M.M. Roy of Chennai. Graduated in Ventriloquism from Maher's institute of Ventriloquists, Colorado, U.S.A. Mimicry Srinivos can perform in English, Hindi and Telugu.

Titles & Awards

Srinivos was honoured by different prestigious organizations and received awards and titles.
  • Dhwanyanukarana tapaswi –1982
  • Dhwanyanukarana praveena –1983
  • Dhwanyaukarana chakravarthi –1988
  • Dhwanyavadhana samrat –1990

Awards Recieved
  • Man of the year - 1988 by Gowthami Cultural Association, Rajahmundry
  • Out standing young person of the state-1987 by Indian Junior Chamber
  • Best mimic –1989 by Sadhana Sahiti Sravanti
  • Kanakaraju kalamantapam award –1990
  • Best Mimic Award –1991 by Deepa art Creation,Karimnagar
  • Indian Best Ventriloquist of the Decade - 1999 by Vooyala Communication & Walker Town Junior Chamber
  • Rotary Vocational Excellence Award - 2000
  • Kamal Patra -2000 by Indian Junior Chamber(Jaycees)
  • Master of Mimicry - Tanzania received from his Excellency Sri Deboshish Chakraborthy, Indian High Commissioner, Tanzania in 2005